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Ducted Air Conditioning Sydney Installation & Services

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AirCon Guys has remained one of the highest rated air conditioning and heating companies in the Sydney - Metro area for many years. We can handle any repair, install new AC units, and are a preferred dealer for top manufacturers like; Mitsubishi Samsung, Daikin and Carrier.

Just what is a Ducted Air Conditioning System? 

Ducted air conditioning is without a doubt the cleanest, quietest and also most power reliable means to bring the convenience of conditioned air to your home or office.

A ducted system includes a heat exchanger closet situated outside integrating an inverter power function making certain optimum efficiency of power use. The air conditioning system, concealed from sight, perhaps situated in the roofing system dental caries or under the flooring, supplies clean filtered duct anywhere within your home.

Ducting is the network of secured versatile cylindrical tubes, connecting the air conditioning system to each room air vent. The ducting network likewise recirculates air to the system using a return air panel, removing dirt, dust and also airborne plant pollens.

A ducted system can likewise offer different temperature level and also convenience areas at the same time, whether for working, sleeping or other tasks. A main command point enables adjustments of comfort degrees to all areas. A lot of devices supply either sleep or postpone features and some systems are likewise able to be remotely controlled to begin cooling down before you arrive.

Why is a Ducted Air Conditioning system much better?

A ducted air conditioning system is quieter, cleaner as well as the most effective method to disperse clean, comfortable air around your residence or organisation.

A few of the lots of functions include:

It is less meddlesome in the room area.
Supplies comfy air to all locations of the area or building.
The recirculating feature filters and cools down the air several times.
Quieter as well as much more energy effective.
Rooms could be independently "Zone" or at the same time set to various convenience degree setups.
Exactly how can we help find the best Ducted Air Conditioning system for you?

It is very important to choose the ideal ducted air conditioning system for your demands either in your home or at your company as well as we can help make the very best system for your requirements.

Our service technician will certainly see to measure and recommend the very best alternatives for your lifestyle, supply a free quotation for the complete installment and also appointing of your selection.

We can additionally supply sales assistance as well as back up solution, unrivaled that will certainly keep your system operating at its optimum degree for years assisting you to sustain several long warm summers.

Ducted Air Conditioning Sydney

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AirCon Guys the company that creates the standards for air conditioning contractors in Sydney; named the "National Residential A/C Contractor of the Year" - the most prestegious honor any Air Conditioning Company can recieve!

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AirCon Guys have been named as the best air conditioning professionals in Sydney

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